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Hardwood Floor Staining

Whether you’ve just bought your home in Beaufort, Hilton Head or Bluffton SC and want to change the look of your hardwood flooring... or you’ve just had enough of your current look, staining lets you change the color of your wood flooring without changing the actual type of wood.

With so many colors and shades to choose from, it can be just what’s needed to breathe fresh air into a tired dull floor.

Hilton Head Island SC hardwood floor stain

A Maple floor stained. We can change the color of almost any existing hardwood floor for you

hilton head floor companies refinishing tools

Our special floor sander called a TRIO that we use for stained floors

floor sanding preparation hilton head island sc

Preparing the floor and walls, baseboards etc. for stain

staining wood flooring and floor covering Bluffton SC

Applying stain after floor sanding is finished

hilton head island hardwood flooring stain

Stairs and landing can be stained to match your floor as well

wood floor refinishing floor repair colors South Carolina

A small sample of the HUGE variety of colors, shades and pre-treatments available to change up the look of your floor

What is Staining exactly?

Put simply, after the final sanding of your floor and before the first coat of finish, you can apply a product that changes up the color of your flooring. There are also special pre-treatments available that give extra layers of color and depth.

Why Should I Stain My Floor?

If you’re redecorating, changing the color of your floor can really change the feel of a room. Turn your traditional home into sleek and modern, or bring in a touch of the exotic with dark stains or colors. And best of all, you don’t have to remove or replace your existing floor. It can be done as an extra step during the process of wood floor refinishing.

Also, if you have water or pet damage on your floor and cannot repair it - either because it’s too big a job or too expensive - staining can hide these marks.

But Why is it So Much Extra Work?

When a floor is simply finished in its natural state, a buffer is used to blend the different sanding marks made by the straight-line belt sander and circular marks made by the edger. These sanding marks are not visible with a natural finish.

But if you apply a stain, it exaggerates any sanding marks, making those changes in pattern obvious, especially at the edges of a room.

We both don’t want that, so we take the following steps to make sure your beautifully stained floor is as beautiful as it can be…

STEP 1: We sand the whole floor once more, using finer sandpaper and a multi-head sanding machine called a TRIO.

STEP 2: We use handheld sanders all around the edges of the floor.

STEP 3: We hand sand all the corners once again with extra care to blend them into step 2.

STEP 4: After sanding is complete, we mask off any areas susceptible to damage that will not be stained, such as carpet edges, baseboards and transitions.

STEP 5: We water pop to remove any small sanding marks left behind by raising the grain of the wood. This also lets the stain be applied more evenly and gives it a richer color. Once water popped, the floor is very delicate. We need to take the utmost care not to make any marks. Even just dragging a shoe across the floor can compress the fibres and result in a lighter area on the finished floor. If that happens, we’d need to repeat all these steps again.

STEP 6: Once the water popping treatment has dried, we apply the stain. Working as a team to apply it quickly and evenly, we need to ensure the stain is applied without any lap marks and without damaging the raised fibres of the floor.

Once all these 6 steps are complete, we wait 6-24 hours for the stain to dry – it depends on the product, airflow and humidity, among other things – before applying the first coat of finish.

This is why a professionally stained hardwood floor costs extra… it takes so much more time. But while it’s almost twice as much work, it’s worth it in the end for a beautiful finish. It's one of the most dramatic home improvements you can make.

Would You Like to Stain Your Floors?

Staining and pre-treatment options are available on most hardwood floors that we sand and finish on site. We're one of the most experienced companies in Hilton Head when it comes to staining different types of wood flooring.

We will take you through color samples before you (and possibly your interior designers) make a final decision, so you can see what your favorite choices look like on your floor. Just ask us for different color options when we come to give you a quote.

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