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Somerset Chapel Hardwood Refinishing Project in Bluffton, SC

This beautiful chapel is part of the properties at the Montage Palmetto Bluff. It is used for private events like weddings and other special functions. The big open 33’ x 53’ room has the space for up to 185 guests. That’s a lot of people and high heels walking over these hardwood floors per event. When you think about that taking place weekend after weekend, that’s a lot of abuse this poor Bluffton hardwood floor has had to go through.

In the photo below, you can see the wear it has endured – scratches from tables and chairs being dragged across it, plates and glasses dropped, food and drinks spilled and dents from high heels and shoes…

Hilton Head Island area hardwood floor project
About to start sanding and refinishing the wood floors in the Somerset Chapel in Palmetto Bluff SC

The wood floor is premium grade Heart Pine. It’s made up of random width boards from 5 inches to 10 inches. It’s a gorgeous looking hardwood floor and the style fits in perfect with the plantation style chapel. It was originally stained as you can see from the natural wood color after sanding in the photo below…

floor refinishing Bluffton SC

Above you can see a couple of special pieces of floor sanding equipment we use for hardwood floor refinishing projects in Hilton Head Island and the Bluffton/Beaufort area like this. The yellow and green sander you see is called a TRIO. It’s a 3-head planetary sander that sands wood floors extremely flat. It’s used for the second stage of sanding, after the more aggressive belt sander is first used to remove the finish.

You can also see our dustless wood floor sanding set-up in the background. Here it’s hooked up to an edger which sands the perimeter of the room. Below you can see another photo of the edger with the dustless floor sanding vacuum hooked up to it…

Dustless flooring company serving Hilton Head Island

The dustless sanding equipment saves a LOT of clean up time. In the photo above, you can see the large glass pendant lights hanging from the ceiling… not a lot of fun cleaning those if dust got into the inside of them.

The photo above also shows the pine floor almost ready to be stained and coated with finish. The photo below shows the finished result…

hardwood floor stained and refinished Hilton Head SC area

The stain used was a DuraSeal product and the color was a mix of Early American and Natural mixed at a 50/50 ratio. The finish system we used was Streetshoe by a manufacturer called Basic Coatings. It’s a three coat two component water base finish system. Very durable finish which is needed for the amount of traffic this floor is subjected to. The sheen chosen was satin.

Below you can see the end result and look once the floors is dry and cured…

hardwood floor refinishing Palmetto Bluff SC

In the photo above, the floors had just been finished. They were ready to take the abuse of many more years of events, parties and weddings. But… unfortunately they weren’t going to stay this way for very long as you can see in the next photo…

hardwood floor repair Hilton Head Island area

Just days after the floors had been fully restored, an event was held and… somehow after the chapel had been cleaned up for the evening, the large doors were left open. That night a huge storm passed through and rain blew in all over the floor flooding it. You can see the extent of the water damage to the hardwood floor in the photo below…

wood floor water damage Bluffton SC

A water damage mitigation company was called in to remove the moisture from the area. You can see the plastic and fans used to do this in the photo. After 2 weeks we came back to access the damage to the hardwood floors. As you can see in the photos, we had to remove two large sections of the wood floor…

hardwood floor repair and installation near Hilton Head Island

Once the damaged flooring was removed we replaced the sub-floor in those areas. Then new premium grade heart pine was installed to match the existing hardwood.

Then the floor sanding and refinishing, that we had just completed less than 2 months prior, started all over again…

hardwood floor refinishing Bluffton SC

Because we wanted a perfect color and sheen match, we sanded and refinished the entire 2000 square foot pine floor again. If we didn’t, then the repair would have been noticeable, especially with the large windows letting in all that light.

The floors were again stained with the custom mix of Early American and Natural DuraSeal stain and multiple coats of Basic Coatings Streetshoe NXT in a satin sheen was applied.

Here’s the end result, again…

Bluffton newly refinished hardwood floors

And another photo from a different angle…

one of the top floor companies near Hilton Head SC

We hope nothing else goes wrong with this beautiful wood floor. Even though we loved restoring it – twice in 2 months – we would love to see it get many more years of use before we are called back to restore it again.

We can only imagine the fun times and happy memories this wood floor in Palmetto Bluff South Carolina will be a witness to. If you’d like to see these random width heart pine wood floors in person or even book this chapel for your own venue, you can go to The Inn at Palmetto Bluff and ask for a tour. There website is:

If you have heat pine wood floors, or any type of hardwood floors in your residence in Palmetto Bluff SC, Bluffton SC, Beaufort SC, Okatie SC or Hilton Head Island SC, and would like them sanded and refinished to bring them back to new… we would love to help. We're one of the top hardwood floor companies serving Hilton Head Island and the low country area. Give us a call or stop by our showroom Ridgeland SC and we would be more than happy to answer any questions.

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