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Hardwood Floor Repairs

While hardwood floors can last more than a lifetime, they do need to be cared for. And it’s easier than you think to damage your flooring. Your dog or cat could urinate on the floor behind the couch without you knowing. Potted plants could drip water for months or even years without notice, cigarettes can be dropped. If your walls are ever moved, there can be missing sections of flooring.

We can fix all of these issues…

floor covering repair Hilton Head Island

Damaged floor boards being removed

hardwood flooring installer repair Bluffton SC

Repair completed

water damage repair hilton head island sc

Water damaged section of a floor needing removal, and repair

flooring repair Hilton Head Island South Carolina

Damaged section removed

hilton head island hardwood repair

New, matching flooring, installed and ready for sanding and refinishing

bad flooring repair Beaufort SC

A badly matched repair from using the wrong type of flooring. You DON’T want a result like this

The Experts at Invisible Repairs

If you have any of these problems, or if you only just discovered a nasty surprise under your carpet, don’t worry: it’s not the end of the world. With years of experience doing just this, we can get rid of those ugly, damaged areas and no-one will ever know they existed.

Whatever the size or position of your damaged flooring, we can replace it. We use the same type, grade, size and milling of wood to ensure the best possible match. And we can even match joining rooms that have no hardwood flooring, so your entire home’s floor can seamlessly blend in together.

Once new areas have been sanded, stained and coated, they will blend in perfectly, looking completely original.

3 Things to be Cautious About

ONE: Always make sure the exact same type of wood is used. Countless times we’ve seen very similar but different types of wood used for repairs by hardwood floor companies. For example, using red oak to repair an original white oak floor. And it stands out. A Lot. No matter how similar, the differences in grain and color will show up and the results will not be what you were hoping for. If you’re not a professional, the two very similar woods unfinished can be extremely hard to tell apart, which is why this mistake is so often seen.

TWO: Even if the same type of wood is used, if a different milling is used it will look different. The 3 common ways of milling wood are plain sawn, quarter sawn and rift sawn. So, ensure your flooring contractor is aware of this when your hardwood floor is being repaired.

THREE: Lastly, it can be that you use the same type of wood and the same milling, but still get a different look if a different grade of flooring is used. The common grades of flooring are Select, No 1 Common and No 2 Common. Repair a Select grade floor with No 2 Common and it’s not going to look good.

At Specialty Flooring, we have a very strict process for matching your floor with the right wood, milling and grade to give you the best seamless and invisible results (bearing in mind that no two trees are ever going to be exactly the same).

We Must See Your Floors in Person

Repairing a damaged hardwood floor takes more than just turning up with a bunch of tools. We need to perform home inspections to make sure that we can source the right wood and completely scope out the damage before we promise anything.

The last thing you want is a highly visible repair like the last photo shows. That’s why we have someone come out to look at your damaged floor in person before any project starts.

If you would like any more information or want to request someone to come out and inspect your damaged floor, get in touch.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Bluffton, SC
Kevin Minton and his crew are top notch professionals to say the least. We have now used his company twice in two different homes and we are absolutely satisfied with the service. The upstairs floor had several areas that had missing flooring, the flooring was laced in and sanded, looks like it had all been there for 100 years. I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking quality customer service with outstanding results. Megan P – Hilton Head Island | 5 Star Review on Houzz
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