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Restoration of Hardwood Floors at the Montage Palmetto Bluff

Restoring the floors in this world class luxury resort, only 30 mins from Hilton Head Island, has been a fun project for us. We love working here at the Montage Palmetto Bluff. The setting is beautiful. Most of the common areas and guest rooms, suites and cottages have wood floors. We restored the Somerset Chapel on the same grounds previously. The floors are random width ¾ solid reclaimed Heart Pine.

Hilton Head floor companies work

We’ve had to break this project up into stages as we only get to work within a 72-hour window. We work each of those stages in 24-hour around the clock shifts. There are many more stages to come. We thought we’d highlight some of the work we’ve done here so far though.

Below you can see the finished result in the main lobby and reception area…

floors work in Hilton Head Island South Carolina

Originally, we were called in to have a look at these floors just 2 months after they had been first installed, sanded and finished. They were practically brand new. Unfortunately, they had been coated with a low quality residential finish. Now, just a couple of months later, they were showing signs of heavy wear.

The end result was we were to re-do all the floors again. But this time we would use a suitable finish system that would withstand the large amount of traffic these floors would be subjected too.

Below you can see the floors in the hallway sanded back and ready for staining and then coating…

refinishing and floor covering companies in Hilton Head

The color stain we used is a mix of Early American and Natural. It’s blended at a 50/50 mix. You can see the color with the first coat of finish on below….

coating floors Bluffton SC

Another one of the stages we did involved sanding and refinishing the floors in the Spa. In the photo below you can see the stain dried, ready for finish…

spa wood floor refinishing Hilton Head

Because there is so much traffic in this resort, and they had a horrible experience with the last coating system, we decided to use the Rolls Royce of finishes. A UV cured water based system. Loba Rush . It was perfect for a number of reasons…

1) UV finishes are cured instantly. As soon as the UV machine passes over the floor, it reaches full hardness and can be used straight away. This meant the Inn could open quicker without having to wait days for the floor to cure.

2) As it was water based, there were very minimal fumes and smell that bothered the guests. I’m guessing most people on vacation in a luxury resort don’t want to be subjected to oil based finish fumes all day.

3) This finish is extremely durable. Just what was needed after the cheap residential finish originally used that didn’t even last a couple of months.

So overall, the perfect choice for these floors. Below you can see the UV machine in action…

UV floor machine Hilton Head Island

Here’s another photo of us curing the floor…

flooring contractors curing floor

A shot of the instantly cured floor looking into the library…

Hilton Head Island hardwood flooring

Here’s the floors in the Spa. Sanded, stained, coated and cured…

floor sanding results

Another photo of the Spa from a different angle…

real wood, not laminate flooring floor covering

And here’s the furniture being moved back within minutes of the floors being cured with the UV machine. Normally furniture would have to wait at least a day or two before moving it back into the freshly refinished rooms…

floor companies in Hilton Head replacing furniture

So now, instead of a soft, thin inadequate finish, these floors have a tough, durable finish that will withstand the constant traffic of happy vacationers. Of course, they will wear much faster than in a residential setting, but they should last years this time… not just a couple of months.

Montage Palmetto Bluff floor sanding

If you would like to see these floors and the UV finish system in person, you can get the details from their website here:

If you have a business you would like to have your wood flooring refinished in but are worried about the down time, this finish system is a game changer. It cuts days and weeks of cure time down to an instant.

We have a lot more flooring to restore here at the Montage Palmetto Bluff. So far, we have only completed a portion of the 15,000 square feet of Heart Pine they have here. And it looks like word is getting out about our work… as I’m writing this we were told that Justin Bieber just visited and walked all over our craftsmanship. Not sure if he visited just to see the floors, but either way, I can die a happy man now. LOL.

Do you have wood flooring needing some love in the areas of Palmetto Bluff SC, Hilton Head Island SC, Bluffton SC or Beaufort SC? If so feel free to call for a chat, or drop by our showroom in Ridgeland SC. We’d love to be of assistance.

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