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Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

If your hardwood floors in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton or Beaufort SC need some TLC, you’ve come to the right place. Wood floor refinishing is our specialty. It’s one of the best home improvements you can do to freshen up and add value to your home. We love nothing more than seeing the difference a well finished floor can make to a room.

Floor refinishing tools Hilton Head Island

Getting all the sanding equipment set up

Sanding wood floor Hilton Head SC

First cut with the belt sander

wood renewal hilton head island sc

Edger sander for sanding around the perimeter of the rooms

hardwood flooring company in Hilton Head South Carolina

Finer sandpaper is used to smooth out the rough sanding marks

hardwood floors refinished hilton head

Applying finish to the sanded floor

The Refinishing Process

There is a lot involved in restoring a hardwood floor. Below is a brief outline of the major steps involved…

STEP 1: Before we start, every room not being refinished is sealed off and the dustless equipment is set up. The rooms are swept and vacuumed thoroughly and any repairs are made to the hardwood floor. Preparation is key to a successful job and having your floors looking great.

STEP 2: The existing finish is removed with care. We make several passes over the floor with various different sanding machines and grits of sandpaper in order to take your hardwood floor back to the bare wood below. Our big belt sander does the heavy lifting and edgers and hand scrapers are also used.

STEP 3: After the old finish has been removed, we switch to fine sandpaper in order to smooth out the sanding marks from the heavy grits of sandpaper. This prepares the floor for coating.

STEP 4: We get vacuuming. We don’t want any dirt or dust to get into the next steps and ruin your finish, so we make sure your rooms are dust free. For extra dust protection, you can invest in our 100% dustless sanding option.

STEP 5 (OPTIONAL): Do you want to change the color of your floor? This is where we can use water popping and different stains to achieve the stain color you want. You can learn more about our staining options here.

STEP 6: Finally, after all that preparation, it’s time to apply the finish to your hardwood floors. There are many options including oil based, water based and hardwax oils. Depending on which finish system you chose (more on those in the link below), we will apply 1-3 coats to your floor. For multi-coat finishes, we carefully tack and vacuum your floor between every coat, so no contaminants get into the finish.

Some things to keep in mind

Each hardwood floor can only be refinished a finite number of times. Sand too often and you will reach the tongue and groove that keeps your floor together. Once that’s reached, they’ll need to be replaced.

Because of that, you want to be sure the absolute minimum amount of wood is removed when your floor is sanded and refinished. If someone comes in and grinds your floor down, they’re going to drastically reduce the lifetime of your hardwood flooring. Which is why we spent years perfecting our techniques, so that we remove only as much wood as is absolutely necessary. This will allow you to sand and refinish your hardwood floors many times over down the road.

If you want to learn more about our refinishing process, take a look at the links below.

Further Information:

Which Finish System Should I Choose?

This article helps you explore all the different finish systems available and helps you choose the best one for your set of circumstances.

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