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Dustless Floor Sanding

You’ve taken the plunge and just had your old, tired hardwood floors refinished. You walk in the door and… dust. Dust everywhere. Dust on your walls, dust on your curtains, dust on your doorframes. Even dust in your cupboards and all through your duct system. Doesn’t sound like the best welcome home after having your floors sanded and refinished.

Dust has always been part and parcel of sanding down hardwood floors and getting them ready for refinishing. Thankfully, though, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. We’d like to introduce you to our dustless sanding option. Our dustless sanding package is a very simple and effective system that can reduce the amount of dust to 0%.

We’ll get to how that works in a moment, but first…

dustless floor refinishing Hilton Head Island

Out portable indoor dustless system set up

dustless sanding wood floor Hilton Head SC

The belt sander with a cyclone separator and hooked up to the dustless system

dustless wood renewal hilton head island sc

The edger (the worst dust maker) hooked up to the dustless sanding system

dustless hardwood flooring company in Hilton Head South Carolina

This is our super powerful, trailer mounted, gas powered dustless system.

dust free hardwood floors Bluffton SC

We guarantee there will be NO DUST left behind if you invest in our optional dustless sanding upgrade

Why is Wood Floor Sanding So Dusty?

Put simply, those big, bulky hardwood floor sanding machines just aren’t great at capturing all the dust. They work by collecting the dust in a big cloth bag attached to the belt sander. All the larger sawdust is collected no problem, but the super fine dust just can’t be contained and leaks out into the room. And the edger is even worse, with its small bag and severely inadequate built in containment (or rather lack of).

Unfortunately, these cloth bags need to be regularly emptied into larger plastic bags. This causes even more dust to fly around the room.

Dust Containment Advancements

While it was always possible to put up plastic to seal off rooms, vacuum up after every sanding pass and wipe down walls and sills after the fact, it was obvious to some in the industry that this was not enough.

So specialty vacuums started to be designed for flooring contractors to deal with this issue. Dustless systems were invented that could be attached to the sanding machines along with retrofitted containment skirts that could stop all but the most tenacious 1-2% of dust. With these sealed systems, airborne dust could finally be greatly reduced.

There are a number of dustless sanding systems available and each has its benefits. Some are large, extremely powerful trailer mounted units, others smaller and more portable.

After looking at all the options available, we settled on two different systems to give us maximum versatility. One (that you can see in the first photo) is a portable, electric system that can be used indoors. It’s quiet, powerful and portable. The other (you can see in the fourth photo across) is a super powerful, trailer mounted, gas powered option. Which one we use depends on the flooring project. Sometimes we use both.

The difference between the old cloth bag system (that many hardwood flooring companies still use) and this new method is incredible. We couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out.

By hooking all our machines up to this dust reduction system, we can eliminate 98-99% of dust from the sanding process and contain it ready for removal. You may be wondering about that extra 1-2%, though. Truth be told, there is no dust containment system that can effectively remove 100% of the dust from the hardwood sanding process.

How We Get 100% Dustless

Technology is a great thing. It has made our process that much better. But we wanted to deliver a 100% dustless system to our customers, especially those that hire us from interstate and would like to just walk into their home without having to spend days cleaning up dust before settling in.

In order to offer this, we went old school. We have partnered up with a reputable local cleaning company.

After we’ve finished up the sanding and refinishing, they come in and clean up that last 1-2% of dust. They will wipe down your light fittings, counter tops, windows, cupboards, ledges, ceiling fans and anything else that may collect even a speck of dust from the sanding process.

It’s that simple. And often the simplest solutions are the most effective.

Combined with our dustless technology, we’re so sure your home is going to be clean and dust free that we offer a 100% dust free guarantee.

For more information about this upgrade and our guarantee, please get in touch or ask during your in-home quote.

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So happy I chose Kevin Minton and his crew to sand/refinish my wood floors. They were always on time, professional and helpful. The dustless system was amazing. Gladstone – Hilton Head Island | 5 Star Review on Houzz
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