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Deep Clean and Recoat at the Belfair Clubhouse in Bluffton SC

We were called in to the Belfair Clubhouse to take a look at what we could do for their ailing floors. They had been installed 6 years ago and were looking a little worse for wear. For good reason. These floors see a LOT of traffic. Between the golfers, diners, drinkers and shoppers, the floors had seen quite a bit of action.

hardwood floor cleaning Bluffton SC

Not sure if our work truck fits in here…

Bluffton SC flooring contractors on project

Here’s a good photo of the condition these floors were in. Not too good…

Bluffton South Carolina floor sanding and recoating

Another shot from a different angle...

scratched floor covering

Here’s a BEFORE photo of the restaurant floor…

looks like laminate flooring but it’s engineered

Unfortunately, because they were an engineered hand-scraped floor, we couldn’t perform our regular floor sanding and refinishing magic on them. By the time we sanded to the bottom of the scraped divots, there would be very little wood left. The chance of reaching the plywood layers is too great a risk to take with these types of floors.

So we were left with two options…

OPTION 1: Remove and replace the entire 5,000 square foot of flooring throughout the entire club. The restaurant, bar, clubhouse and pro shop. That option would cost somewhere between $70 – $100,000 depending on the floor choice.

OPTION 2: Give then a Deep Clean and Recoat. You can read more about this service in the link above. Basically, we come in, test the floor for contaminants to see if it’s a feasible option. If so, we go through a 5-Step process of cleaning, sealing, bonding and applying a new top coat of finish to the floor. In the case of this floor, it was about a $10,000 project. Compared to the alternative of spending $60 - $90,000 more, it was a no brainer!

Below is a photo of us using our auto scrubber for the first stage of the Deep Clean and Recoat process…

wood floor cleaning scrubber

Below are the 5 products we use…

Hilton Head Island floor cleaning products

There are flooring companies out there that just do a quick buff and coat with floors like this. If you search ‘buff and coat’ or ‘screen and coat’ on Google you’ll find horror stories of many failures with finish blistering, peeling and not adhering properly. The reasons are many for these disaster stories but the main one is these hardwood floor companies don’t take the proper steps needed to do this professionally. They try to get the new finish to adhere by mechanical abrasion – just buffing the floor with a sanding screen. Hence the name buff or screen and coat.

The proper way to apply new finish to existing floors is through chemical adhesion. That means a deep, thorough multi-pass clean with multiple products, a sealing and bonding agent to ensure proper adhesion and only then apply the fresh coat of finish.

One of the most important steps is checking to see if there is any acrylic residue on the floor. If there is and you don’t remove it, you have a disaster waiting to happen. This floor had acrylic all over it from a product the cleaners had been using to mop the floor with.

Below is the special auto scrubber we use for the different stages of cleaning…

floor cleaning serving Hilton Head Island

After the 5-Steps are done, this is the result…

wood floor refinishing results

Another AFTER photo…

floor repair and cleaning results

And one more from the restaurant section…

Hilton Head Island flooring contractors After results

What do you think? That’s a BIG difference. The owners were very happy. Before we would have rated the floors a 3/10. After the Deep Clean and Recoat we would give them 8/10. That’s extremely good value for money. These floors will go on to stand up to a lot of traffic for many years to come before needing some more attention.

The finish we used is called Basic Coatings Streetshoe. It’s a three coat 2 component water base finish system. Perfect for recoats like this. We used a satin sheen.

Some other HUGE benefits to a Deep Clean and Recoat is that…

1) It can be done FAST. This 5,000 square foot project was finished in 24 hours. They only had to close for one-day vs a week or more with traditional sanding and refinishing or replacement. That saves a lot of time and otherwise lost revenue. And…

2) There is zero dust created with this system. That’s because unlike a buff and coat, there is no sanding. All the cleaning and bonding is done with chemicals. Again, that saves a LOT of time by having minimal clean-up needed.

If you would like to see these floors for yourself, you can get directions from there website here:

If you have worn out wood flooring in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Beaufort or other Lowcountry areas and would like to see if a Deep Clean and Recoat may be an option for your wood floors, please give us a call or stop by our showroom in Ridgeland.

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