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Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Recoats

When your hardwood floors are a little tired and worn but you don’t want to go through a complete sanding and refinishing, a deep clean and recoat may be your best option.

dirty floors Hilton Head Island

Before our Deep Clean and Recoat process

hardwood clean and recoat Hilton Head Island SC

After our Deep Clean and Recoat process

Hilton Head Island SC flooring company

The 5 different steps in the Deep Clean and Recoat service

wood floor cleaning Bluffton SC

The auto scrubber we use to clean your floor before recoating

refinishing hardwood floors Hilton Head Island SC

Applying finish to a newly cleaned hardwood floor

Why Clean and Recoat?

With all hardwood flooring, there is a protective layer of finish over the top of the wood. And just like the paint on your car and house, it wears away over time. Every time you walk on the floor, you press, grind and rub abrasive dust into the finish, causing micro marks and scratches. Over time, this process slowly wears away the protective coating.

This is perfectly natural. What you don’t want though, is to wait so long till the finish wears out and the bare wood is exposed. As soon as that happens, a simple clean and recoat is off the table and you’ll need a complete sand and refinish. And while a full restoration will bring your floor back to new condition, it will also thin out your floor, bringing it floor that much closer to the end of it’s life. When it's too thin, it will need to be replaced.

If you get a clean and recoat before a full sand and refinish is needed, you can re-build the wear layer and greatly extend the life of your floor.

How does it work?

STEP 1: A solution is applied that breaks down and dissolves any previously used acrylic floor polish from your floor.

STEP 2: Using a deep cleaning auto-scrubber, we scrub in a specialized and aggressive cleaning solution that lifts and removes all the old acrylic polish reside, the ground in dirt, cleaning residue, dust and other grime.

STEP 3: Then we use a second solution that removes any residue from the first cleaning pass, bringing your floor back to balance and neutralizing the aggressive solution.

STEP 4: A chemical bonding agent is applied. This helps your new finish stick to the floor below.

STEP 5: As soon as that agent is dry, on goes the new finish. If you want a second coat, just ask, we do provide that as an option.

Won’t there be dust?

Absolutely not. Unlike a complete sanding and refinishing, we don’t actually sand your floor. There will be zero dust to clean-up afterwards (apart from what was already there hiding under your furniture).

Can I have my floors cleaned without recoating?

You sure can. We have a Deep Cleaning only option. This completes steps 1 & 2 from above without the recoating. If your floors are simply dirty from heavy traffic, kids, pets or all the above, or if you live in a dusty location but don’t want or need a new finish, this is a great option.

Can I get the Deep Clean and Recoat on any hardwood floor?

Unfortunately not. And there are two reasons for that...

ONE: If your finish has worn through and you can see the exposed wood, or if you have deep scratches… then a full sand and refinish will be needed to repair the floor. A simple recoat won’t be enough to hide the damage. It will just highlight them even more.

TWO: Some finishes are not compatible with the Deep Clean and Recoat system. This includes floors with a heavy layer of wax or incompatible cleaning or sheen building solutions (like Murphy Oil or Orange Glo). All you’d be left with is a peeling and flaking finish because of finish rejection and incompatibility. This isn’t the result you want. Take a look on Google for high failure rates with ‘buff and recoats’. This is the most common reason for failure.

Does my floor qualify?

We will test your floor in several locations for both potential contamination and coating type. If your floor passes the tests, you’re good to go. If not, then we will go through other options with you.

How long will it take?

An average sized home will take about 1 day, and the finish will be dry enough to walk on within 2-3 hours. Your furniture can be moved back the next day.

What does it cost?

It’s around one third of the cost of a full sand and refinish. So it is definitely worth a look before considering a complete restoration.

What should I be careful of?

Unlike the 5-Step Deep Clean and Recoat service we offer, many businesses perform a simple ‘screen and recoat’. This very different process uses a sanding screen to simply abrade the floor before applying the finish. You don’t want this option for 2 reasons:

  • Because it uses sanding instead of dust free chemical cleaning, your house will get very dusty. And this system uses the dustiest machine of them all – the buffer.

  • These sanding screens are not made to clean floors. They’re made to abrade them between finish coats. If your old finish is simply abraded and not properly chemically stripped and cleaned, there’s a good chance your new finish simply won’t adhere properly. You can see what happens with this inadequate system below.

peeling finish Hilton Head Island SC
Bluffton SC failed wood floor finish

These photos show the results of just a simple ‘screen and recoat’. You don’t want these results. A professional Deep Clean and Recoat will make sure this doesn’t happen.

If you do get a quote for a cheap ‘screen and recoat’ or a 'buff and recoat', be sure to fully understand the procedure and the risks you will be taking with your hardwood floor.

Will the Deep Clean and Recoat system work for me?

If you’re getting your home ready to sell, the Deep Clean and Recoat is perfect. At one third the cost of a full sand and refinish, you save money and your floors will look great to potential buyers. And if you’ve just bought a house and want to make sure your hardwood floors are clean (who knows what was on them previously) and in top shape, a deep clean and recoat could be the perfect choice.

If your hardwood floor is simply looking a bit old and tired, but isn’t damaged or worn down to bare wood, then a deep clean and recoat can breathe new life into them without the need for a complete restoration.

If you’re interested, request a quote and we’ll check with you to make sure this is a viable option for you.

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Kevin and his crew at Specialty Flooring are exceptional. I was getting my home ready to sell and I hired a contractor and he did a terrible job of sanding and basically ruined them. Long story short.....Kevin and his crew came in and worked a miracle. Now my floors look new again.....they're beautiful. Sam – Hilton Head Island SC | 5 Star Review on Houzz
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